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Welcome to Mike’s reviews! We write reviews on tech stuff, family and home stuff, and all kinds of stuff. We love to do reviews for people to help them work out if this or that product is right for them. Our blog is made up of a lot of different categories that we write in, including: popular products, popular appliances, Reviews from Fans & Experts, Weird & Wacky Products, and a whole lot more.

This article is a product guide review. We will be talking about the popular products for this category, and going over some of the best options out there. We will even break down this category into brands, so you can get a better idea of what you need to look for in a product that fits your needs!

We have a lot of categories for our reviews that we write in! Let’s cover some more about why these categories are important:

Blogs like ours are made up of A LOT of stuff! Our site is made up of 8 different sections including: Technology , Family , Misc , Home , Travel , Fitness , Work & Money and Toys & Games .

Check out our categories for more about what we cover! Lots of readers find out toy and games category really cool, and great to find out what’s new!

This category includes popular products like:

– Remote control helicopters. We love our RC Helicopters, and we want to help you find the right one for you! Check out some RC Helicopters that are very popular here !

  • What about video game consoles? We’ve written reviews for game systems like the Wii U, best gaming laptops , and even talked about film cameras ! Video games are a huge interest of ours to write reviews on, but it’s hard to choose 1 or 2 favorites.

We don’t just cover products that are just simple to use! We also cover the products that are weird and wacky, like this one:

– This is a portable laser gun game. Check out more Laser Tag Guns here ! They’re way more fun than people think! These are fun RC toys for kids, and it’s one of our favorite categories to write about. You can get crazy with these!

A lot of the categories we write about include popular brands like:

– GoPro cameras (our #1 favorite camera out there!)- What about computers? We’ve got tons of useful articles on laptops, desktops, and all kinds of different computer parts.

We also review novelty and fun items like portable pizza ovens! For example the Ooni Koda 12 which is the #1 Pizza Oven on Amazon right now! Check it out here at a great price!

We’ve even reviewed a bunch of smartphones and tablets, like the iPhone 6, which is a really popular device out there at the moment! This is becoming one of our most popular categories to write about because everyone’s buying smartphones nowadays. We’re planning to write a lot more about these in 2016.

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